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Our mission is to provide a meaningful childhood and a safe future to our girls.

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We are greatful for every help!

  • The first boiler we bought with your help has arrived.
  • We could buy a new cooling appliance

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Our guest rooms are ready for your visit! Spend a couple of days with us!

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про нас

З 1 грудня 1995 під час урочистої церемонії передали заклад у власність Управління Закарпатської Реформатської Церкви, де перебуває і зараз.


останні новини

SEP 2019

Cabbage-vitamin source for winter
We have soured 3 tons of cabbage to get some vitamin during winter: thanks to our new cooling equipment we’ll be able to store it. Also the cold storage will be in use this winter.

AUG 2019

The new boiler
The miracle happened in 5 days! Thank God for standing with us!
May God bless the giver and the gift!
Step Deo Gloria!