children's home

Дитячий будинок


About Us

  • 69 girls, aged 2.5-25
  • 22 acres
  • 24 years of history

For the girls this place represents security and hope for a better life. The pastor, educators, and staff at the Children’s Home do their best to give traumatized children everything they could not afford in their family environment.

The children’s home is situated in an area of 22 acres. Here you will find the main building and a large outbuilding which everybody simply refers to as the “new building”. In this area, too, are the cowshed, stables, pig shed and various other farm buildings, garages, the workshop and stores.

There are 7 polytunnels (i.e. polyethylene greenhouses) which alone cover an area of 23.000 SF. It can be seen from the foregoing how much we are dependent on our farm which we have set up through our own efforts together with gifts from abroad. In the fields and polytunnels, among other things, we grow carrots, parsley, kohlrabi, potatoes, radish, cauliflower, peas, beans, tomatoes, paprika, beetroot, cabbage etc. Out of this we are able to support other institutions too. We have our own apiary which provides honey for our children. Our cattle and pig stocks provide meat and dairy produce: milk, sour cream and cottage cheese. Altogether we have approx. 120 acres under cereals: spelt, durum wheat and other milling wheat, providing all-year-round feeding for the animals. Unfortunately, more often than not, there are unsuitable for bread flour. Our working bakery supplies the daily bread requirements, also rolls and approx. 15 types of bakery produce. The bakery was set up with the help of donations from Holland and the U.S.A. and has been in production since December 2004.

This is more than a job for us 

Ifj. Katkó László

Katona Viktória
Pastor Director